Gadget Importation

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Gadget Importation 

Learn the long guarded secret to successfully importing phones, games and laptops from USA, and selling for profit

      Do you want to start a phone and gadget business selling high valued phones and keep the high valued profits it comes with?

     How will you feel if I told you it was really easy to join the big tech guys who have been profitably importing phones and laptops?

   All you need to get started lies in this courses. in this course you’ll be learning how to directly import cheap phones and laptops from USA and successfully ship them into the country to sell for profit or for your personal use.

  Imagine if what you can do with the knowledge of gadget importation, having the ability to directly import high value phones like iphones, samsung etc, laptops, games like xbox and play stations, for ridiculously cheap Price.

Is gadget importation profitable?

Let me show you something that will interest you. 

    How much is an iphone X sold for in Nigeria? I bet the least price you’ll get an iphone X in Nigeria is 210,000 naira. 

    Now look at the image below

     LOL. I can see the suprise look on your face an iphone X for $250, at the current exchange rate of 400/$ you get to buy this iphone x for 100,000 naira and now you’re wondering if all these is really true.

   And I say once again it is as true as the rising of the sun. Or yet again you’re wondering 

Is gadget importation safe is your money  safe?

  Yes. you wont be the first person going into this aspect of gadget importation. Nigerians and Africans alike, have been importing gadgets from USA for over a decade now. 

    With my guidance and lessons in this course alongside the trusted contacts I’ll be giving to you, you will be able to go about importation of gadgets with very minimum risks. 

   You will able to identify red zone deals to stay away from, and protect your money, with the help of agents with over 5 years experience 

What will you learn in this course?

After going through this course you’ll be able to;

  • Find good phone and gadget deals in USA
  • Communicate with phones and gadget sellers in USA
  • Find cheap phones you can import and make huge profit
  • Differentiate from good and bad phone deals
  • Successfully ship phones into the country within days.
  • How to get other people to search for sweet gadget deals for you. (the lazy man way)

How will this course benefit you?

  • You can start importing phones and laptops for friends and family and make money
  • You can start up your own tech business 
  • you can assist people in importing and make personal profit
  • you can teach other as well and make money
Enroll for this course now and become a successful gadget importer.

Topics for this course

5 Lessons

Gadget Importation

01. Introduction to Gadget-importation
02. Offerup explained
03. Gadget Importation Process
04. Sales Channel/conclusion
contacts of relevant agents

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Awesome course, really an eye opener. God bless

This is really nice and awesome, you deserve a hundred star rating. But it can just be 5.

Gadget Importation
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