How fashion vendors can now increase their profits and give their business more validity by importing branded goods.


   Are you a fashion and accessory vendor? branded goods will help give your business more validity, and exponentially increase your profit. 

    Do you know that only 10% of fashion vendors actually know how to lay their hands on high quality brands? this has been closely guarded and only known to the big boys and merchants in Lagos until now!

    Be it that you’re already into the fashion business, or your’re looking to get started there are so many reasons why the branded goods is for you. you make more profit from selling branded goods than from any other kind of fashion wears. You increase your business validity and gain more prestige from offering branded goods.

   In this course I have put together all you need to know to enable you successfully import top quality branded goods from Turkey

   I did not stop there, I went ahead to reveal a crazy marketing strategy used by some Lagos big boys to sell branded goods worth millions monthly on whatsapp.

    Here is a small glimpse of the kind of branded goods you’ll be able to import after this course

Branded goods are high value quality products and in turn gives you bigger profit chunks.

  What will you learn in this course?

  • Everything about importing branded goods from turkey.
  • How and where to find good products 
  • Who to buy from
  •  How to successfully get your goods shipped into the country.
  • The secret whatsapp marketing strategy used by Lagos big boys. 
  • How to build an army of people that will help you sell your goods 
  • How to carry out market research 
  • How to know your perfect customers. 

  How will this course benefit you?

  • You become a PRO in branded goods importation 
  • You begin to enjoy the big profits enjoyed by Lagos big boys who import a t shirt for N3,000 and sell for N10,000
  • You get your customers coming back for more with the high quality products you feed them. 
  • You join the 10% and start out from the remaining 90% who only sell China products.
  • You learn how to fold your arms and watch other sell your products for you. 

  Enroll for this course NOW and get 

  • FREE lifetime mentorship 
  • 1 FREE marketing 101 playbook
  • 1 customer avatar template (to help you decide on your ideal customer)
  • All relevant contacts of agents and suppliers/store owner.

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Celsus Odikanwa
Hi, I'm celsus. Importation expert, and digital marketer.

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  • Ndubuisi judith


    If i don't give this review,it'd be that I'm ungrateful because!!!! This right here,is just wow 😊...very detailed,and interesting ,I wont lie,and unique too. Thanks for the teaching,I can't wait to start work😊😊 #Celsus for president. #Notyouraverageimporter.
  • Arinzejohn


    Amazing content,God bless
  • Gift Chinedu Oshile

    Oshile Gift

    This a top notch course...like every modules was well detailed and explained..it really deserves a five star rating...keep up the good work boss...bless up
  • Chisom Dandyson


    This course z a bomb, my last card did not go in vein... Thank u for bring up this type of idea
  • Ekundayo sikirulaih


    This a great course
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    1. Wow, I mean wow, I was really enlightened by this course, there are many opportunities passing in front of us that we aren’t paying attention to. Thank God I didn’t miss this one.
      Thanks Mr celsus.

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