Advanced China Importation

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Advanced China Importation : Learn the exact system my students and I use in making over 1 million Naira quarterly importing directly from China, and how you can do it by yourself.

    If you’re in any of the following categories the importation business is for you; 

  • You’re looking to start a business 
  • You want a business you can start with little capital and profit in no time 
  • You like to make huge profits 
  • You want to be your own boss. 
  • You’re looking for a working method to start making money no matter your age gender or location.

     Importation is an opportunity created for young Nigerians and Africans in general that allows you communicate with manufacturers in China, import their products and sell here in Nigeria to make over 300% profit. 

    There are millions of products you can import and start making money right now, these products include; fashion items, beauty products and make up, bags and shoes, phones and phone accessories, interior decorations, electronics , memory cards, kitchen office equipment etc. 



Is importation profitable?

    Yes. this is a personal experience. In 2019 I imported a product from China, the total landing cost of 1 of the product was 1200 Naira, and I imported 100 pcs.

     I sold each for 5000 naira, making a total of 500,000 naira and a profit of 380,000 naira within 3 months of selling that product. only a few businesses can give you that amount of profit.

How can you learn importation?

    I have created the perfect course, that will teach you the A-Z of importation, and everything I have experienced for 3 years in the importation business. 

   Truth is importation can be complicated, but in the videos I created for you I simplified everything even to the understanding of a 12 year old. 

    My students and I make over 1 million naira quarterly from importation, and in this course I’ll reveal to you all that we do. 

what will you learn in this course?

  • How to import anything from the millions of products available in China. 
  • How to find the best manufacturers 
  • How to select top quality products 
  • Mistakes to avoid in importation 
  • How to go about importation without any capital (a system my student used to get an order worth 393,400 naira within 21 days)
  • How to raise capital for yourself
  • How to import risk free 
  • How to find fast selling products 
  • How to ship to your state 
  • How to set up your business and make it official. etc. 

How does this benefit you?

Learning importation turns you into a money machine. 

  • You can start importing products and make money
  • You can begin your own business and be your own boss
  • You can import for others and get paid 
  • You can teach others and make money 
  • You can sell product ideas and make money 
  • At the end of this course you’ll get a certificate and show the world that you are now a legit importer 
  • I will add you to my personal mentorship group where you’ll learn more from me as time goes on. 


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Topics for this course

17 Lessons


01. Introduction
02. Mindset
03. Detailed Explanation Of AliExpress
04. Introduction To 1688
05. Detailed Explanation Of 1688
06. How To Sort Goods on 1688
07. 1688 Product Search Hacks
08. How To Detect Fraudulent Sellers
10. Shipping and Delivery Process
09. Ubuycn. The 1688 buying solution


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Am so happy i took this course. A very good investment. Learnt so many things i've been doing wrong and the way u touched every pain point an importer faces or is facing and u provided solutions to it was remarkable. God bless u sir
1/3. 2 more to go

These courses are definitely a good example of simplicity

If lecturers will carefully explain topics to us like you have done here I guess we'll produce more first class students every year. This is really amazing. I really enjoyed the course and I do not regret paying for this. Thank you so much Celsus. I love ittt.

Advanced China Importation
10,000 5,000

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